Cuvée Rémi aux USA

20 . 08 . 2010 | commerce, degustation, Vin

En vente aux USA quelques une des mes rares bouteilles de Cuvée Rémi.
Voici le commentaire de dégustation :

Dear Friends,

You need to try this.


I was blind tasted on this wine over the weekend and it seems appropriate after Parker’s big 2000 Bordeaux retrospective to discover a hidden gem of this quality at a “luxury” price that makes sense. I’m still in disbelief at how complex this wine is and I’m quite sure it will best more famous examples from the vintage (at a far higher tariff of course).

From outside of St. Estephe, in the northern Medoc environs of Prignac, Chateau Hourbanon plies their trade – one bottle at a time. Their regular estate wine is usually good (it should be consumed within the first 2-3 years after bottling) but it’s the Cuvee Remi that gets the pulse racing. Only produced once or twice per decade (it hasn’t been produced since 2000, not even in 2005) this 95% Cabernet Franc, from their oldest vines, is a kaleidoscope of aged aromatic intrigue.

Floating with mulberry, soft tobacco, earth and incense, the aromatics waft across the room like a sultry Bengal tiger waiting to pounce. The palate offers more of the same with a sublime mix of old and new that trails off little by little as tender length envelops the taste buds (the finish lasts for over a minute). Low in alcohol and medium in weight, the flavors left in the mouth are so pure in aged varietal nuance that I’m tempted to say this is the essence of Northern Medoc Cabernet Franc.

A “wow” wine through and through and very RARE:

From the winery: “Un vin unique! Un presque mono-cépage, composé de 95% de Cabernet Franc, des rendements ridicules, et un élevage très particulier font de ce vin un vin unique. Un vin que je fais lorsque l’envie est là et uniquement pour m’amuser et me faire plaisir avec mon métier. Autant dire une production confidentielle ! Le cabernet franc donne à cette cuvée Rémi (hommage à mon père qui acheta et réhabilita cette exploitation) des tanins puissants et soyeux, mais j’arrète là la description et vous laisse choisir de vous faire votre propre opinion!”

The 2000 Hourbanon “Cuvee Remi” – a wine that gives credence to the notion that Bordeaux still provides some of the of the finest price/value ageing wine in the world.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for magical complexity in a great vintage (not to mention, the wine is completely unknown in North America).

Only a few dozen cases available for export:

2000 Chateau Hourbanon “Cuvee Remi” Medoc (Prignanc)- $34.72
(this is not the regular 2000 “Hourbanon”, which is an early drinking wine that is already past its prime, this is a special ageing cuvee stamped as “Cuvee Remi” – if we run out, the Chateau has some available for direct purchase for around $25-27)

Please give us your maximum number up to 12/person and we will allocate accordingly »

And I pulled this off the Hourbanon Website, and translated using the google toolbar:

« A unique wine !

An almost single variety , composed of 95% Cabernet Franc, yields ridiculous , and a very special breeding makes this wine a unique wine.
A wine that I do when the desire is there and only for fun and make me happy with my job. In other words, production confidential !

Cabernet Franc give this wine Remi (tribute to my father bought the farm and rehabilitation ) powerful tannins and silky, but I’ll stop there description and lets you choose form your own opinion ! »

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